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Sweet Guidance is dedicated to supporting people and animals through healing sessions, life coaching and spiritual counseling.  This work can assist you in moving through emotional and physical issues, empower and support you to heal yourself and live a fuller more joyous life. 

Here are what some of our clients have to say about Sweet Guidance  

Distance healing…
Lisa is a loving individual who is passionate about her amazing gift of healing energies that she eagerly shares with others. I was experiencing vertigo, and both back and hip pain that dissipated after the first distance healing session!! It is a gift to know her.  Brenda S. RN, MSN, FNP

Midwife for Positive Change…
Lisa has an amazing intuitive healing ability that has guided me to make a significant change in my life.  She brings love, compassion and a wonderful sense of humor to her work.    Pamela from Georgia

Many Modes of Healing…

Ms. Sweet has worked on me on several different occasions and I would recommend her work to everyone. Whether she is toning, doing her special brand of energy healing, or IET there is always an immediate shift. In addition, whatever you are trying to work through will follow in the next several days. It is always transformational and an exciting opportunity to work with Lisa Sweet.   Jen Cope, Benton, AR

Aches relieved…

I'd been feeling terribly achy all over and reached out to Lisa for distance healing. Within minutes of the session beginning I felt warmth spreading through my body, though it was a terribly chilly day. Then I felt my joints and muscles relax. Next thing I knew my aches were gone and I felt a general feeling of lightness. I highly recommend Lisa and have since taken up her advice to begin drinking green smoothies. Sue Abingdon, MD

Long history of bone pain cleared…

Awhile back I asked Lisa for some help with a terribly painful tailbone issue. It was, to be honest, excruciating. And I couldn't find relief. Lisa did two distance sessions with me during which she honed in on areas of my spine and skeleton that had been bothering me for some time. During the sessions I swung between pain and relief. Then, about 48 hours after the sessions, there was no -- as in none -- pain at all. It was as if nothing had happened. Thank you Lisa!  Karen, New York

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